Case Study

Fully loaded assets, available to the masses with Digital Asset Management and interactive Web Design


D+M Media is a segment of the Denon and Marantz group which is centered around the use and distribution of branded assets including photos, videos, documents and other media resources. The D+M group is an organization of renowned leaders in the innovative audio solution industry, and encompasses multiple brands housing innumerable assets.

Having worked with Aumcore for other D+M digital projects, as well as for brands Denon and Marantz, D+M Media asked Aumcore to create a digital asset management solution via a web design that would house the D+M repository which would later be known as Aurav.


Managing multiple brands, the challenge to developing a solution for D+M rested in a centrally managed system (Aurav) that could support the needs of each brand’s specific needs, while housing a directory for their various media.

Aumcore built an interactive interface design that not only met those needs, but offered a multi-lingual, multi-region and multi-brand experience. The brands were brought together united under a common theme integrated with an advanced singulation system allowing each brand to access their own assets in a seamless user experience.

The first of its kind, this platform was a success in integrating digital asset management though a web design and development with the power to crawl and harbor social and adaptive assets. The new global library is now easily accessible via internal and external access, and managed centrally for the combined regions.

Aurav | Digital Asset Management
Aurav | Digital Asset Management
Aurav | Digital Asset Management
Aurav | Digital Asset Management