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Case Study

Enriching investment services by transforming traditional Branding to a global legacy


Expanding financial portfolios around the globe, 7 Mile Advisors (7MA) provides Investment Banking and Advisory Services to the Business and Technology industries. They conduct a high volume of transactions, focusing on mergers and acquisitions. They understand how to evaluate new markets and grow through change. In need of a refreshed brand identity that said experienced without saying old-fashioned with dynamic impact – they asked if we could reshape their company’s branding and web development.


Recognizing their deep commitment to research before action as a key asset, this became a focal point for us to communicate through our visual storytelling. We wanted to highlight this in it’s own section, allowing them to show and tell this information on their site. We began to fuse the concept of research lab meets business finance.

The image needed to extrude expertise and professionalism, so that any business could immediately feel confident when trusting 7 Mile Advisors with their finances, in order to connect with an audience in a reputable manner. We wanted 7MA to stand apart as the young successful, ingenuitive organization that it was.

We removed the tagline “Investment Bankers,” opening up their range of services to all mediums of financial advising. Instead, we added visual interest with a small blue strip in the logo, signifying the water flowing along the Seven Mile Beach, which they used to name their company. The story and its legacy were too good to pass up.

For 7MA, it was all about creating branding that compelled trust and legitimacy, and portraying them as the globally skilled organization that they are. With an added page to post their research, their deep understanding of a variety of industries was now at the forefront. With so much time spent digging into the details of each of their clients, their accrued knowledge and expertise was worthy of showcase to build confidence for prospective partners.

As an added touch, we also incorporated some of their most outstanding merger accomplishments onto the home page, where clients can view their success stories of renowned organizations in every field. After all, when you have the power to bind together two different organizations from different parts of the world, that’s some serious glue.

The ending result – higher traffic and engagement with a respected legacy of trust.

The image of 7MA was transformed from a localized company to a globally sophisticated network of successful mergers and acquisitions. Expanding their reach to organizations all over the world. In the end, our success story is their success story, and being able to effectively communicate our client’s goals through their web development and branding design.

7 Mile Advisors  | Branding Strategy
7 Mile Advisors  | Branding Strategy
7 Mile Advisors  | Branding Strategy