OmnieRx Pharmacy Management System

“A revolutionizing Cloud based Pharmacy Software Platform designed with a Pharmacist Approach. Leveraging the latest technology stack, we designed the system keeping the end users in mind.”

Aumcore continues to expand its expertise in the healthcare space. With extensive experience in designing platforms and portal solutions, Aumcore has developed a robust Cloud based Pharmacy Management System that leverages your current equipment to deploy as it operates on a HIPAA compliant Cloud platform. The system has been built ground up with an intuitive design and user experience keeping the daily tasks of the Pharmacist in mind.

Platform Features

Dispense Management

  • View all your Rx scripts in an intuitive dashboard empowering you to perform your daily tasks from one place.
  • Whether searching for a script or processing a scanned or eScript, the dispense screen provides you all the relevant information in one place with the platform validating and guiding you to the areas that require your attention.

Dynamic Workflow

  • A Robust and Dynamic Workflow that is configurable based on different roles, tasks as well as locations
  • Customize the flow based on your processes. The platform adapts to your needs while allowing you to leverage the power of automation

Refills Management

  • Tracking your prescriptions and their refill cycle
  • Notification of which prescriptions are ready for refill or if a new Prescription or PA is required

Patient communication via SMS and Email

  • Keep your customers up to date with automatic notifications via SMS or Email based on the platform of choice
  • Define at what stages you wish to notify the patient from prescription being ready for pickup to refill reminders

Drug verifications

  • Whether specific to a Therapeutic Plan or a SOAP plan, each script goes through a robust validation process alerting you on information requiring your attention
  • We perform Compound Drug and DUR verification before the prescription is sent to the PBM for adjudication

Inventory Management

  • Keep track of your inventory in real-time. All prescriptions go through an inventory check and provide you with any alerts prior to dispensing
  • Set your own threshold and requirements for replenishment and inventory control with a store based or centralized inventory management

Customizable Labels

  • Create your own Labels using our inbuilt WYSWYG design tool
  • Manage multiple templates and preset templates based on the prescription bottle or drug

340B Management

  • Perform adherence to 340B validation and processes while maintaining an audit log for each claim
  • Perform inventory reconciliation and replenishment reporting based on processed prescriptions

Process Management

  • Know where in the process the prescription is at any given time
  • Configure the platform based on your processes and actions for Quality Check, Pharmacy Validation, and notifying patients when the prescription is ready for pickup

Transfer Rx Management

  • Transfer a Prescription IN or OUT seamlessly. We can perform inter-store transfers for patient pickup
  • Integrated platform to send the script electronically to over 60,000 pharmacies

Multi-Store Management

  • Manage one location or multiple locations from one platform. Real-time view into each location
  • Maintain global processes or individualized process by store to build efficiencies and cost saving in prescription management

Delivery Management

  • Integrated with UPS and FedEx for shipment tracking
  • Coming soon with integrations with healthcare approved transportation partners for on-demand delivery

Profile Management (Patient, Prescriber, Product)

  • Avoid data entry as we pre-populate the patient, prescriber and drug information for you based on the Prescription
  • Maintain a complete profile of the patient for better adherence from different therapies, lifestyles, SOAP and Patient plans to allergies and other patient provided information

Advanced Reporting

  • Robust demographic, sales and product reporting to meet your needs
  • Dynamic dashboards designed by role or personalized to the user based on their needs and daily tasks

HL7/FHIR Interfaces

  • Providing HL7 and FIHR interfaces to transmit or receive data securely for patient information

Long Term Care Pharmacy Management

  • Manage the complicated medication and dispensation needs of long term care facilities and assisted living homes
  • Maintain patient history while facilitating dispensation needs for compound drugs or maintaining patient encounters such as visits, patient notes, clinical inquiries, and SOAP

We have developed our cloud based platform to make it easier for you to access the information while providing your patients with web portals to track their prescriptions and medication as well as facilitating OTC eCommerce transactions.

  • Pharmacy Portal
  • Patient Portal
  • eCommerce Pharmacy for OTC Drugs
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