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Web Design Trends for 2018

After the candles are put out and the presents have been unwrapped, comes the glitz, glamour and hope of a brand spankin’ new year. This is the time where we reflect on the choices and actions of 2017 and set goals for a better and brighter 2018. For those of us who work in the digital marketing industry, the new year brings about the best announcements because we all get to see what the next website trends for 2018 will be!

2017 was a great year for web design. Minimalistic palettes dominated the creative space and videos definitely had their spotlight moment (as predicted from everyone in 2016). We watched as UX was taken to a new level with mobile optimization and brands everywhere fought to have the most unique typography. Yet, as amazing as all these developments were, the most incredible realization is that innovation never stops.

This blog post will walk you through all the latest website design trends that are on track to dominating 2018.

User Experience

Faster page load times, better response rates, easier page navigation, all of this is for the sake of the user. User experience has been one of the defining factors in how web designers choose certain layouts, color schemes, and even typography. Brands want users to be able to find the information they need and enjoy their experience at the same time.

Responsive Design

Responsive designs go hand-in-hand with user experience (UX). Users want to be able to see content on different kinds of devices regardless of their size and type. They want to be able to navigate your site as easily on their smartphone as they do on a desktop. If you’re looking for examples, Awwwards has great sites you can look to for inspiration. Fergie, the American singer and songwriter, combines a geometric black and white aesthetic with great responsive design features that can be seen across different devices.

responsive design

As technology advances and more users use different devices to surf the web, accessibility to information will not only be demanded, it will be expected. Responsive designs are definitely one of the top 2018 website design trends and top UI trends 2018 will bring, so look out for them. If you’re new to the web design space and need some help optimizing your site for different platforms, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be more than happy to help!

Flat Design

Minimalism was everywhere in 2017. Neon designs and flashy colors made their quick appearance in the summer months, but pastels and monochromatic color palettes dominated the digital space. Even content creators all the way from Instagram to YouTube chose to go for a minimalistic look that drove them to opt for flat designs for the websites. Creative Bloq defines flat design as a minimalistic design approach that emphasizes usability. Since this design has been made mainstream, it’s becoming more and more prevalent and is expected to be used by even more brands for their website design 2018 plans.

Chatbots and AI

Nothing is more exciting than seeing the science fiction we grew up with turn into science reality. One of the biggest conversations in 2017 revolved around chatbots. These systems were a huge talking point for web development trends 2018 because chatbots make answering questions easier for businesses and provide users with information specific to their queries.

Purna Virji of Microsoft was a presenter at SMX East this past summer, and her seminar was all about chatbots. In her presentation, she noted that 1 in 3 Americans (37%) would be willing to make a purchase through a chatbot and by 2020, 80% of brands will use chatbots for customer interactions.

Chatbots and AI

They might not be on the same level as Iron Man’s Jarvis, but they can respond to your audience in whatever way you want. Neil Patel, founder of Crazy Egg, says using chatbots is a lot like a wind-up toy, you build it to do what you want it to, then you wind it up and let it perform the actions all by itself.

Voice User Interface

There’s no way to talk about UI design trends 2018 without talking about voice. In this past year, voice search grew 20% and, in the upcoming years leading to 2020, voice will grow by 50%. According to HigherVisibility, 32.6% of consumers opt to use voice search simply because it’s easier than taking out your phone to type. Users can say a command while they’re working out or running errands and have their hands completely free. What this means for your business is that you’ll have to start optimizing your website for voice search. Begin by thinking about how users would search for your site if they were in a conversation. How would it come up? What are their keywords? This is a great way to start off 2018 because all you have to do is talk!

The Wrap-Up

As we bid adieu to 2017, we give a warm welcome to the new year and new website trends 2018. Each of these design trends made small waves throughout the course of 2017, but as we’re entering 2018 it will be even more exciting to watch them fully develop. Just so we know you’ve got all of these down, let’s take one more look:

  1. Enhance a user’s experience on your website by navigating it through their eyes
  2. Optimize your website for different devices with a responsive design
  3. Keep it informative but minimalistic
  4. Use a chatbot to make business to user interactions easier
  5. Think about how users will search up your business through voice search

Did you have a favorite trend that was mentioned above? Let us know in the comments!

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