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Mobile Marketing Trends and Stats Marketers Should Follow in 2022

Mobile Marketing 2022

Internet is more easily accessible than ever in today’s digital landscape. There’s free Wi-Fi on public transit, in coffee shops, in restaurants, in public parks… and with internet connections so readily available, users have little to no trouble connecting with their mobile devices. In fact, mobile users rose to 6,378 billion last year. To top it off, mobile app revenue rose also to 693 billion dollars. As the digital world sways more towards mobile devices, marketers must also learn how to appeal to and target audiences on this network.

Below, we’ll be covering the mobile marketing trends in 2022 that you need to follow, but before that, let’s begin by covering 2021 trends that are still relevant.

2021 Trends that are Still Relevant

Though many of us would like to move on from 2021 and move onward with our lives, the past informs our present and still holds many truths for our future. The same is true for mobile trends!

While you will see many blog posts and articles detailing the newest trends for the coming year, you may notice a lot of these mobile marketing trends 2022 were also popular last year. New trends may yet surface in the months to come but expect to see a lot of overlap for these first few months.

  1. Pandemic-Based Consumer Behavior As it has been stated time and time again, the pandemic has changed everything. This has forced marketers to rethink the fundamentals while understanding how customers have adapted and changed since COVID-19, and more importantly, how these behaviors will continue to evolve.
  2. Digital Transformation Remains a Priority Since 2020 the term “digital transformation” has been making headlines. This term looks at how the world has invested in tech solutions to create a seamless user experience. These solutions include artificial intelligence, chatbots and e-commerce – to name but a few.
  3. Social Activists The world has become more in tune with global issues, shining the spotlight on injustices around the globe. Companies need to be aware of these issues and voice their support. It’s all about showing interest and caring what matters, and customers are responding to this.
  4. Videos Are King With Zoom, Teams and other video calling platforms becoming a global staple, the need for good quality video communication remains important. Of course, these technologies are becoming more readily available, they also become more affordable. In addition to this, virtual events will also remain relevant and require ongoing investment to keep up with the demand of it all.
  5. Ad Spend is Increasing Digital ad spend continues to skyrocket as online business is the go-to for many. Shoppers are embracing the convenience of it all, while businesses reap the benefits of a wider market. This trend is set to continue in 2022.
  6. Nail SEO While this is a trend that will never end, it is a trend that can be updated. With new data insights available, the ability to tailor your SEO strategy is easier than ever.
  7. Data Privacy Must Be Considered Consumers are becoming more aware of their online presence and how their data is being used. This is one of the many reasons why businesses such as Google have taken measures to ensure that their rights are protected, like the end of third-party cookies

10 Stats from 2022 to Keep in Mind

Numbers talk, so to help paint a better picture of what to expect when it comes to mobile marketing.

  • 92.1% of internet users choose to do so using their mobile phones
  • It’s estimated that around 53.9% of all e-commerce sale are completed on mobile
  • There were 3.78 billion social media users in 2021 and by 2024 the number of social media users is expected to reach 4.41 billion
  • 58.4% of the global population use social media which means that it is the ideal platform to utilize when it comes to mobile marketing
  • Facebook remains the platform of choice with over 68% of the adult population choosing to use it
  • The average time spent on social media daily is 2.5 hours
  • 54% of online users use social media to research brands and products before investing
  • 500 million people chose to use Instagram Stories each day
  • The average user visits around 7 different online platforms each month, proving just how beneficial it is to have a customized, broader approach to mobile marketing
  • In 2021, m-commerce retail sales peaked at $359.32 billion

Hopefully, these mobile device usage statistics for 2022 have shown you how influential mobile usage is and will be this year.

Mobile Marketing in 2020

7 Mobile Marketing Trends for your 2022 Digital Strategy

Now that you understand the top trends from 2019 that are still relevant in 2020, and have the statistical information that shows you where users are flocking to on the internet, it’s time to put that knowledge to use. These next mobile marketing trends for 2020 will help you create a comprehensive digital strategy for your business:

1. Short Videos Will Prevail

The rise of TikTok has reimagined the world of social media. Text updates and images are no longer the go-to, instead, short videos are taking over. So much so that other brands, such as YouTube and Instagram, are following suit. These short clips are generating a ton of engagement and sharing messages in an easy-to-understand manner. And the best part? It is inexpensive to do.

2. Become a Storyteller

Storytelling has always been an important part of marketing People want to know more than just the hard facts that are intended to drive sales. They want to know the story. They want to know how you are making a difference.

3. Be Customer-Centric

Your audience is the most important part of it all, and your content needs to be relevant to them. In the same breath, you need to be strategic with how and when you reach out to them, to prevent them from being bored or annoyed by the constant influx of information.

4. Privacy Matters

As mentioned in the 2021 trends that are relevant, privacy once again takes center stage this year. Marketers need to have the right procedures in place when it comes to dealing with customer data.

5. Keep It Personal

In an era where you have access to a lot of data, providing a personalized customer journey is important. In fact, customers have come to expect it and brands that don’t deliver risk losing support.

6. Break It Up

Use multiple platforms to share your content and ensure that it is tailored to be applicable and relevant for each of them. This includes sending out emailers, creating blogs and scheduling content on the various social media platforms.

7. Embrace Technology

Conversational marketing is becoming a must, with chatbots becoming standard practice for most online platforms. In addition to this, the technology powering these methods, such as artificial intelligence, also needs to be monitored and implemented wherever possible to simplify the marketing process.

Key Takeaways

As we look to the future and to the mobile marketing trends of 2022, we see that a lot of our past strategies are here to inform our future ones. Many of these trends’ marketers have already grown accustomed to are being recycled into the next phase of digital marketing. While it’s true that many of these trends are from last year, there are also a couple of new emerging ones to watch out for and new applications to test in the coming months.

Don’t become obsessed with reinventing the wheel. Instead, reflect on the experiences from the year before and let them guide you in developing a powerful mobile marketing strategy in 2022.

Best of luck!

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